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Always, Use Your Pool Safely

WaterPlacePre-Packaged Pools are designed to meet all Association of Pool and Spa Professional (APSP) safety standards to make your pool as safe as possible. Now, it's your turn to use it safely. Of paramount importance is safe diving. Improper diving is the primary cause of most serious pool accidents often resulting in permanent injuries or even loss of life.

Dive only from diving boards!
Diving off the deck should never be allowed. And, be sure the placement and size of the diving board is in full compliance with APSP and the manufacture's instructions. To this end, WaterPlace provides "No Diving" signs with every pool. These signs are easily pressed in above the liner bead. Appropriate locations are indicated on the liner bead with the words "NO DIVING LABELS". Without these signs, pool users have no way of knowing that diving from the decks is not safe. Protect yourself and all those who use your pool by making sure your builder applies these signs at the proper locations.
WaterPlace supplies an Area Sign, outlining safe pool usage, with every pool. Please post this sign where pool users will see it and read it.

Never allow children or infants to enter the pool area without constant adult supervision. A child can drown in a matter of seconds so never leave a child unattended... even just to answer the telephone or run inside for a few moments.

Never swim alone.

And, do not allow people who are under the influence of prescribed drugs or alcohol to use the pool. Impaired judgement leads to serious accidents. Do not swim during lightning storms. If you swim after dark, make sure your pool is properly illuminated.

Pools should be surrounded by a 4' or higher enclosure with a self-locking gate. Check local codes. A ladder or other approved exiting device must be installed at the deep end of the pool.

Finally, be sure to read and understand all safety information included with your WaterPlace liner. This information is vital to understanding how to keep your pool, and its users, as safe as possible.

Used Safely, A Pool Can Bring You A Lifetime of Fun, and All Family Pleasure!

Safety Quick Tips:

  • Never leave children unattended
  • Dive from proper diving boards only
  • Post proper Safety signs
  • Never swim alone

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